Our Clients

Mayra Sandoval

Mayra Sandoval is a 28-year old, hard working, married woman with two children in school.

She says:

“I make hand embroidery; I started working with my mom who taught me this art.

“I heard of FODEMI from my neighbors and I got my first loan in 2004, with which I could buy raw materials at an affordable price. At the beginning I bought fabric by meters, and now I can buy fabric rolls and the price lowers considerably.”

“Little by little I have been making more models which I sell at local fairs, especially Quito and Cayambe. Also I make craft work on request, for which I have to hire people whom I pay for embroidery work.”

“With the support of FODEMI I could grow my business, give my children a better education and plan my household’s activities. “

Juan Calo / Farmer

In Tugurahua province, at St. Miguel parish, lives Juan Calo. He is married, and he and his wife have nine children, all of whom are grown adults.

His wife is a housewife, and they work together as livestock raisers and sellers; they also perform some crop-based activities. Throughout their lives they have been working in these activities, allowing them to support their family.

María Ercelina, who is a neighbor, told him about FODEMI and invited him to be part of a Communal Bank named  “Chambapongo”. Juan Calo’s first loan was for an amount of $400.00. This money was invested in a potato plantation and pasture for their dairy cows.

As he has always met his payment amounts and dates, FODEMI granted him a new loan for an amount of $800 that he used for the construction of a pig nursery to start production in this new activity.

Mr. Calo feels highly grateful to FODEMI for the rapid service he obtained with the loan disbursement. He also compared the process to those of other financial institutions, with lots of paperwork, compulsory savings and fees, increasing the time and inconvenience of the disbursement process.

The credit helped his family improve their economic situation and quality of life.

Blanca Cuji / Farmer

Mrs. Blanca Cuji is a native of Mulalillo parish and lives in the San Fernando neighborhood, located in Tungurahua province. She is 32 years old and is married, with two children sponsored by World Vision. Her husband is a construction worker, and due to his work he is constantly traveling to other provinces.

Mrs. Cuji received information about FODEMI through the Parish Council representative, who told her about the organization’s benefits. For this reason since October 2003, she has been part of a Community Bank and her first loan was for an amount of $200.00; she invested the money in agricultural activities.

Her income comes from selling milk and livestock. Currently, she is in her eighth loan rotation with the organization. The current loan has been invested in building her house, thus giving more comfort to her family.

Mrs. Cuji says that with FODEMI she learned to be responsible with her credit obligations and managing her money.

Access to credit has enabled her to improve her family’s economic situation, providing better education and nutrition for her children.