Organization’s Profile

FODEMI focuses its efforts in groups of microenterprise owners who cannot obtain credits from the formal financial system due to their depressed economic situation and lack of guarantee. Our efforts are therefore addressed to the most vulnerable and needy people, specially women from marginal urban and rural areas who make a living from agricultural, artisanal, commercial and service activities.

FODEMI works to provide the best possible assistence to our clients  through credit, training and advisory services. A total of 162.645 people have been attended, $98´168.919 have been granted, 252.026 stable jobs have been created and 285.255 children have been benefited.

Currently, FODEMI has 31.967 clients, a portfolio of $16´590.975, a delinquency of 0.27% with a total of 31.967 active clients (22.616 women).