How to collect divorce papers by yourself

Very often, if a divorce is necessary, you can do it without a lawyer. Thus you can independently collect all the necessary papers for divorce. The easiest way to do so is if both spouses agree with the divorce and want to make it as cheap and fast as possible. You can also refer this link if you are looking for divorce online

First of all, you need to talk with your spouse and discuss all the details. The process can be complicated if you have some property or children, but even in this case, you can collect all the documents and do it without a lawyer.

If you and your spouse do not have any disputes over the division of property, the process of divorce can be greatly simplified, and you can collect all the documents yourself.

The most acute issues can be issues such as the division of property, custody of children, the division of debt, the separation of financial assets and other material assets.

Even if both spouses do not have disputes at the discussion stage, it is recommended to connect a third party professional in such proceedings. They can help with the decision of controversial issues and suggest how to make the process of divorce cheap and fast.

Also in some states there are special drafters of documents who will prepare all the documents for you and guarantee that there will be no problems with them in court. Now let’s talk about the process of collecting documents for divorce without a lawyer.

First of all, you need to visit the court clerk who can confirm that you have collected all the necessary documents and that they are filled out correctly. However, he will not be able to help you with legal information.

  • You must get a form for divorce. In some states, they can be obtained online, in some – they need to be requested from the court clerk.

Most often, these forms will include – a petition for divorce, financial affidavit, summons, settlement agreement, notice of hearing, decree of divorce. The list of documents may vary depending on the specific state.

  • All these forms must be completed and submitted to the office of the court clerk in order to officially begin the process of divorce. It is important to remember that the office will also require copies of some documents. You should clarify in advance exactly what copies they need.
  • Next you will need to pay a court fee. In some states, it can go up to $300, but if your income does not allow you to do this, you can ask the court clerk how to avoid court fees. This right is given to you if there are some certain essential circumstances. For example, if your income is lower than the poverty standards, you may be exempt from paying a court fee.
  • Always keep certified copies of all documents. You should be careful with the papers and take care to have all the copies on hand. Copies should be stamped in the office so that they have a certain legal value.
  • Securely store all information and documents related to the divorce case. All copies, receipts for payment of court fees and other papers should always be with you.

Thus, following these simple rules, you will be able to avoid of using the services of lawyers and collect all the papers for a divorce on your own.

First of all, it is worth doing if you and your spouse are able to agree independently about all the conditions of the divorce and both of you are interested in it. Remember that in the presence of such serious circumstances as the children, property, significant financial savings from one or both spouses, debt obligations (for example, a mortgage), litigation can be quite complicated and extremely difficult to conduct it yourself.

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